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Luis Gonzalez-Silen

This is my third time working with SingleSprout over the last 9 years. SingleSprout brings a rare combination of meaningful representation for both the candidates and the teams they work with. This results in strong matches and a more productive search process. The SingleSprout team rocks! I’m looking forward to our next engagement.

Stephen Porter

SingleSprout has been hands-down the best recruiting agency I’ve worked with for strong engineering talent. They helped us fill the pipeline with exceptionally skilled senior engineers with lightning speed. The only challenge became finding the time for the team to interview all the great people they sent us. Highly recommend Sophie, Luke, and the SingleSpout folks for fast scaling and a great client experience.

Brian Tesser

Brooke and the SingleSprout team have been such a valuable partner to Enigma as we’ve grown our engineering and data science teams. They’ve been able to consistently introduce us to great talent and remain closely engaged with their candidates every step of the way leading to many great new team members joining here at Enigma.


Really appreciate all that your team does for our teams and am sure I will be sending more people over as they figure out their 2022 headcounts plans!

Sarah Ng

SingleSprout delivers a high volume and consistent pipeline of quality engineers for our roles. They provide us the support we need to move quickly and give us the inside scoop on what candidates are thinking. Great partners all around!

Chandana Sadananda

Had it not been for Sophie, Alex, and the SingleSprout Team, we would not have been able to grow our tech team, which ultimately helped us go public successfully.

Dan Schwartz

They understand the technology landscape and more importantly understand how to make meaningful connections with engineers. We have hired fantastic engineers through them!

Dustin Lucien

SingleSprout has been a great partner in a highly competitive recruiting market. We’ve found some very talented team members as a result of their hard work.

Jamie Coakley

SingleSprout is a fantastic partner for our fast-paced hiring at Electric. When you partner with them, you are paying for years of hard work their teams have put in building relationships in the market with the best talent. We find that for some Sr. technical roles (leadership, SRE) most “great” people are really happy and not looking to leave. SingleSprout has the advantage of knowing just what they want and making that match when the role comes to market. They are also very consultative in their approach and understand how to match requirements to skill-sets we may overlook at first glance. We filled an incredibly difficult role within 30 days by hiring them – and brought on someone we probably would have overlooked without knowing their personality and successes within each role they had in the past. Would highly recommend hiring SingleSprout on hard and easy to fill searches to find the best talent possible in the least amount of time.

Adam VanLente

Definitely fair to say we could not have done it without the SingleSprout team, as all of our early folks came from SingleSprout. We continue to sing your praises to anyone who needs help hiring!

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