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We help build social-good and tech-driven companies that solve some of the world's most challenging problems.

About Us

We hire for tech focused and legal roles at high-growth companies in New York, California, Boston, and Toronto. Our passion is building strong, personal relationships with top tier talent and helping innovative companies scale.

We live by the motto, “Quality over Quantity”, and leverage proprietary, in-house technology to identify, source, engage, prepare, and guide some of the best talent in the industry. Our white-glove service provides you with a vetted and engaged pipeline of candidates tailored to your unique requirements.

  • Top tier talent pre-vetted for cultural fit and experience
  • Strong focus on social good and innovative startups
  • Proprietary sourcing, matching, and tracking technology

Top Law Firm Legal Recruiting.
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How we work

Quality search for individual contributor roles as you need them.

White-labeled search that leverages our candidate database  and yields up to 500 personalized emails per week.

Dedicated search for Director, VP, and C-level.

Our Team

We’re a passionate group that strives to help people find their perfect position and companies build their perfect team. Our client portfolio largely consists of social-good driven or industry disrupting technology companies, reflecting our desire to have a positive impact on every individual we encounter. We’re here to help.

David Saad


Natan Fisher


Andrew Beck

VP of Engineering

Alex Betech

Principal Recruiter

Dana Starrantino

Director of Operations and Client Success

Jordan Palmer

Account Executive

“SingleSprout takes the time to understand their clients’ needs, introducing candidates that they know are right for both the position and your company. Their attention to detail and quality sets them apart.”

— Jeremy Sadwith
VP of Engineering

“SingleSprout is helping to build world-class teams for the next generation of New York companies.”

— The Manual

“We’ve seen an impressive volume of top-notch candidates from them ever since we began working together, and all the while they’ve been very hands-on, making sure we were happy at every step of the way.”

— Karthik Sridhanan
VP of Engineering

“SingleSprout has been a great partner in a highly competitive recruiting market. We’ve found some very talented team members as a result of their hard work.”

— Dustin Lucien

“SingleSprout is a unique recruiting firm. I was impressed by how deeply connected they are to the neural network of nyc and by the high caliber of talent they are able to refer to us.”

— Oriel Bergig
Flyby (acquired by Apple)

“They understand the technology landscape and more importantly understand how to make meaningful connections with engineers. We have hired fantastic engineers through them!”

— Dan Schwartz
Director of Engineering

“SingleSprout has been an amazing partner for us - helping us to quickly but strategically fill multiple roles with incredibly talented individuals.”

— Gil Addo
CEO & Co-Founder

Industry Statistics

We’ve been around for nearly seven years and have collected a lot of industry insights.

Engineer salaries

Average salary for seven to eight years of experience


Average salary for five to six years of experience


Average salary for three to four years of experience


Average salary for one to two years of experience


Female Hiring Trend

Percent of female hires in 2015


Percent of female hires in 2016


Percent of female hires in 2017


Our Company

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Percent of candidates that accept an offer


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